Friday, June 17, 2016

How to add iframe in DLE post

Adding iframe to Datalife Engine post is much easier than you may think.
You don't need any modules. By default DLE allows iframe from only few domains because of security purposes.
Let's say you want to embed a video or movie to your site using iframe from
What you need to do is follow the step below.
Open the file engine/classes/parse.class.php
var $allowed_domains = array("", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "");
Add the iframe domain as below:
var $allowed_domains = array("", "", "", "","", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "");

After you do this you may add iframe from using Short description or xfields.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Datalife Engine Noindex Hack

After 5 years I am back on using Datalife Engine CMS.
And one of the problem I faced when trying to rank well for SEO was no index for tags, xfields or other pages I didn't want to.
In wordpress it is simple, installing plugins making it easy to solve this problem but not for DLE, after searching found this great hack which gets the work done.


Follow the steps below to install.
  1. Copy all the files from the folder Upload in the root of your webserver.
  2. Open main.tpl and after the tag 
{include file="/engine/modules/noindex.php?noindex=userinfo,register&index=showfull,main,cat&follow=cat_page,main_page"}
Available values :
main - Homepage
date - Page news for specific dates
cat - Category page
showfull - Full news page
xfsearch - Additional field page
search - Search results page
userinfo - The profile page
register - Registration page
stats - Statistics page
pm - Personal messages page
feedback - Feedback page
favorites - Favorites page
newposts - New posts page
addnews - Add news page
lastnews - Page with the latest news on the site
lastcomments - Page with last comments
lostpassword - Recover password page
static - Static page
catalog - Catalog page
alltags - Tag cloud page
tags - Page news from the tag cloud
allnews - Page with all the news on the site, or all the news of any user
cat_page - Category pages pagination
main_page - Homepage pagination
lastnews_page - Latest news page pagination
xfsearch_page - Additional fields pages pagination
lastcomments_page - Last comments page pagination
newposts_page - New posts page pagination
catalog_page - Catalog page pagination
allnews_page - All news page pagination
tags_page - Tags page pagination
showfull_page - Page pagination in full news
date_page - Pages pagination news for specific dates

noindex - Here add values for the pages you want noindex, nofollow tag.
index - Here add values for the pages you want index, follow tag.
follow - Here add values for the pages you want noindex, follow tag..