Saturday, December 25, 2010

Search Cloud Module for DLE

What it does: It records the search activity on your Datalife Engine Site and shows them as recent Searches
What is Required: All you need is a MySQL database and a site that runs using DataLife Engine CMS.


1. As it records new searches automatically, Whenever a user searches on your site, a new link appears (as good as a new page) in the Recent Searches Section. Google will index this page and more such pages. If 2000 searches record on your site everyday, you get 2000 new pages (excluding the duplicate searches as Duplicate searches are automatically grouped)
2. Great for SEO, as the links are Search engine friendly. You can customize the links as much as you want.
3. Also records the IP address of the user who is searching. This helps you to prevent Spamming of the Recent Searches Section. For example, if a user searches for a keyword that you think is "bad", you can easily identify his IP address, and issue a warning from the admin panel or permanently ban him.
4. No link will yield a 404 error page even though the search results in no results.

Download link: