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New Links

I present you hack transformation options for DataLife Engine. Powered by CSS2.0 support each browser. 
The trick is that when you hover on a link it is animated and the background turns to the left or right. Very nice to look at any design!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Search Cloud Module for DLE

What it does: It records the search activity on your Datalife Engine Site and shows them as recent Searches
What is Required: All you need is a MySQL database and a site that runs using DataLife Engine CMS.

Slide Box Module v2.0 for DLE

Slide Box: jQuery powered slider-thingy. Boxes slide by left and right by clicking the tabs, clicking the next box itself, 
or using the keyboard. 
They also “zoom” in and out. Start Your Own Slide Box Today! it's completely free!

Images Slideshow

Extract the archive. Copy the foler "rotator" in your template folder.
In the same folder open main.tpl
And add the below code where you want the "slideshow" to be:

Friday, December 24, 2010

10 stars rating

How to install?!
Open: engine/ajax/rating.php
if( $go_rate > 5 or $go_rate < 1 ) $go_rate = 0;

Replace with:
if( $go_rate > 10 or $go_rate < 1 ) $go_rate = 0;

Add beautiful LazyLoad effect to DLE images

Java-script plug-in that allows you to save time visitor traffic and load on your server. The plugin allows you to upload only images for which the source is indicated in the text, which is located just on the visible side of the screen, that is, the visitor is free to read a couple of paragraphs of your article and decide - read more or leave. If your visitor starts to scroll, the images are located in the unseen until now the page is loaded begin immediately, if it closes the page - all remain in their savings (a visitor saves time waiting to download images, you save bandwidth and power)

Module Referer 7.0.1

This module is the possibility to take hits to your site. With built-in power, you can withdraw to the main page search queries or just the last ten transitions. With built-in calculator, you can see the citation index and Page Rank transition. The calculator is based on advanced technology AJAX, which in seconds will bring you the result. And many other useful features.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DataLife Engine v.9.2 Press Release

Completed the main phase of development of version 9.2 release is in testing and in preparation, but for now we suggest you read the information about what awaits you with a new release. In this release, you expect new and useful sections in the Admin Panelscript, new features online editor, templates, automatic notification of the majority of search engines on the new site map, several new BB tags, and much more, but everything in detail ...

Tag Clouds with categories

Tags to be used in the module (tagscloud.tpl):

{Tags} - Displays the main content of the module;
{Count-tags} - Displays the total number of tags;
{Count-news} - Displays the total number of news;
{Category-tags} - Displays the name of the category you are viewing;
[Category-tags] text [/ category-tags] - Displays a text if you view a list of categories;
[Not-category-tags] text [/ not-category-tags] - Displays a text if you view the category;

You can configure the number of characters to create a category for this, open the engine / modules / tagscloud.php and set the desired number in the variable $ tag_size = 1, default 1. 

Download Link

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