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Mibyu Web Messenger (formerly the Open Web Messenger) is a free open-source application for online counseling. It allows you to add a website click direct link to your operators, and all communication takes place directly in the browser.

Key features
Real-time chat (without reloading the page)
Unlimited number of operators and users of chat rooms
Unlimited number of groups of operators (departments)
Priority queue of visitors waiting to answer
Localization for 10 + languages, including Russian and Ukrainian. Supports unicode.
Runs on your server and domain
Clean and simple code, easily adaptable to suit your needs

Button opening a dialogue
Displays a button, depending on the presence of operators
Ability to turn on the button code to email newsletter
Generation of keys for use on one site
To leave a message with no operators online
A separate button for a group of operators

Dialog box
Opportunity to request additional information before the chat
Different styles of windows to the dialogue (3 styles included in the distribution)
Notice of Typing
Photo of the operator in dialog box
Ability to send stories of dialogue itself to email
Audible and visual warning of the coming of a new message
Management audible warning in the chat
Customization of your logo and company name
Selection of links in the dialog box with the ability to move
Pop-up window is not blocked by most browsers
Compatible with mod_security
Protection against automated spam (captcha)
Automatic reconnection to the server

The possibility of operators
Web-based interface for visitors
Mode away from the computer "for the operator
Templates for quick response
Mapping which page the visitor came
The history of communications and search on it
Access to the previous dialogue with the current user out of chat
Information about the visitor in the queue: the first message, the address, browser, geo-location
Notice of change of user pages on your site
Redirect the visitor to another operator
Isolation of unwanted visitors in the list
View the current dialogue system administrator
Interception of conversations by the system administrator (after confirmation)
Daily statistical reports
Password recovery

Group of operators (Departments)
Adding a statement to several groups (departments)
Predefined answers for the group
Selecting a group (department) before the chat if you want
Button group reflects the presence of operators of online

Create and manage templates for quick response
Options for controlling the load on the server
Preview mode styles for easy customization of the interface
Enabling / disabling features such as Groups, unwanted visitors, before the poll chat, etc.
Page updated messenger
Master location

Supported browsers 

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 +
Mozilla Firefox 1.0 +
Mozilla 1.4, 1.7
Opera 7.0 +
Safari 1.2.5 +
Netscape 6.0 +
Google Chrome +
iPhone 1.1.4 +

Integration into the admin area DLE: 8.3, 8.5, 9.0 (and possibly on earlier versions)
Technical requirements for the server
Web server or web hosting, running on a modern operating system
PHP version 5.x or higher with MySQL support
MySQL version 5.0 or higher

Demo (Login: admin password not needed) 

Download Links:

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  1. i can't instal it, after i open http://site/webim/install/index.php

    Follow the wizard to setup your database.

    Correct the mistakes:
    Could not connect, please check server settings in config.php. Error: Access denied for user 'webim_lite'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
    can you plz plz make use a simple tutoriel i'm not profissionel